Member Benefits

Member Benefits

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Professional Pathway

A dynamic, online self-assessment tool.

CLTC – Certification for Long-Term Care

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As a member of NAIFA, you get free, instant access to several financial wellness and education tools. Moreover, you can get a discount if you offer your private-labeled platform.

Advisor Ambassador Program

Nonmembers learn from the best and sample professional benefits of NAIFA membership.

About the Symposium

The first Diversity Symposium was held in May 2017. Since then, NAIFA has hosted at least one symposium every year, including during the pandemic, in a virtual format.

The Diversity Symposium provides a forum for participants to discuss strategies for creating and promoting diversity in the financial services industry. The program also serves as a resource for insurance and financial professionals in NAIFA’s mission to provide financial security for all Americans.

The symposia have featured notable keynotes from industry professionals and DEI experts, while panel discussions feature our members and advocacy partners. NAIFA was thrilled to return to an in-person symposium in May 2022 in Washington, D.C.

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